Ready 2 Right

Words Are all I have…

it’only a word…

Your first little word

Just zoomed past me

“Caaaar” did you say

Or “kaka” maybe

Each day I wait most impatiently

For my name to be added

To your vocabulary

For you it might be

just another sound

A word at most

In your little voice

It means the world to me

Just for Kicks


At first

You were

Just two lines on a stick



The heartbeats

Felt more optimistic



My mornings

Were sick



My bulging belly began

To itch



I Prayed

Just for Kicks


Some days

Were dazed

By your tricks


They say

Tis Braxton Hicks



Well versed

In our mutual ticks




Will run thick


I’m waiting

Come soon

Make it quick

Waiting to Welcome You

I hope it’s warm inside

Were your eyes wet every time I cried?

Did you feel parched when my lips dried?

When I watched my weight did you feel denied?

Every step I took

Every move I made

Did it feel like a roller coaster ride?

You are safe inside

For in my heart you reside

We are all waiting

Waiting outside

With minds and arms

Open wide

By The very excited yet anxious Closet Poet

Come Soon



I can feel you inside

Come soon

It’s wonderful outside


The skies are still blue

There are butterflies in every hue

The grass still green

On either side


The seas are still blue

There are fish in every hue

The eyes still dream

On either side


Birds are still flying

Lovers still sighing

New-borns still crying

Grand Parents still dying

On either side


Both sides await you

Are you ardent inside?

Come soon

It’s wonderful outside

Come soon

 By The Closet Poet

Time’s Up



What’s left of me?

A few stifled breaths

A few beads of tears

Not many people who care

Not much black in my hair

My time is up

Not yet

Not yet


What’s holding me back?

A few bottled-up desires

A few pent-up yearns

None of this seems fair

None for me will despair

My time is up

Not yet

Not yet



What’s it that beckons?

A few sparks of light

A few streams of white

Release me


Seize me

I give me consent

Go ahead


No fret

No fret

By The Closet Poet

No Kidding

Eyes teeming with question marks

Smiles and sighs


Darndest remarks

Soothing us

While we tremble with fear

Making amends

With a crocodile tear

Laughter that deepens with every


A much needed reminder

That life’s so


By The Closet Poet



What’s Left of me…

No Grandiose

No Artifice

No Gimmicks

No Tactics

Not even Fossils

Nor Relics


Don’t diagnose me

Just overdose me

I’m morose

I’m comatose

I’m ready

Ready to decompose

Ready to transpose

Bid the world

My final



By The Closet Poet

Tough Cookie to Crack

f cook

You are Fortuna’s favourite child

On you Tyche will constantly smile

Abundantia will abundance bring

Felicitas’s coins will make you sing

Lakshmi will adorn your household

On these lines if you are not yet sold

I can’t let my brains go to ruin and wrack

You are just another tough cookie to crack


By The Closet Poet

Inspired by a prompt for Day 21 on NaPoWriMo 2013.

Bother-ly Love



Your persistent premise

You’re older and wise

You’ve been there

And done that in

A world that’s not nice


By virtue of years

I must lend you my ears

Whilst you perpetually propound:

You are still a seed in the ground


When your approval I seek

You tell me I’m juvenile and meek

When my follies I concede

You most gleefully agree:

I told you so

You are much too naïve


I wait for the stage

When you express without rage

I wait for that juncture

When you’re my anchor not sinker


I would never misspell

Brother as Bother

If I felt quite swell

With no fear of smother

 By The Closet Poet






















I’m Game



I am a sitting duck

You need not

Glass or range


I am your happy hunting ground

You may well call off your hound


And stop chasing high and low

Lay down your arrow and bow


I am happily in the trap

Your quest here can wrap


You are my Hunter

I am you Prey


By The Closet Poet

Inspired by a Prompt for Napowrimo day 19

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